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Save the date: AIDAVA general assembly meeting

The AIDAVA project is delighted to announce its upcoming three-day face-to-face general assembly meeting, scheduled for September 25th to 27th in Graz. This event will be graciously hosted by the esteemed Medical University Graz (MUG) and is set to serve as a dynamic platform for fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and facilitating exchanges among project participants.

The meeting's comprehensive agenda includes insightful discussions covering crucial clinical aspects, addressing recruitment challenges, and designing visit schedules and data collection forms. Furthermore, hands-on practical sessions focusing on data source onboarding, exploring NLP aspects, and delving into the realm of automation in curation are thoughtfully planned.

This assembly offers a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their achievements, tackle challenges head-on, and lay a strong foundation for sustained collaboration across various work packages. With the promise of innovative ideas and impactful collaborations, the AIDAVA project's assembly meeting is poised to drive the project's success to new heights.

Save the date: AIDAVA face-to-face general assembly meeting