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Automate Curation and Publishing of
Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence

Medizinische Universität Graz

The Medical faculty was founded in 1863 at the University of Graz and is autonomous since 2004 as Medical University Graz. With its roughly 4000 students and ~1500 employees in the field of research, the Medical University of Graz is committed to excellent and internationally networked cutting-edge research from scientific foundations to clinical applications. The knowledge generated at Med Uni Graz is of benefit to society in the form of specific applications, new technologies, products, (medical or digital) services and spin-offs. The existing research fields are: "Metabolism & Circulation", "Neurosciences", "Cancer Research", "Microbiome & Infection" and the general topic "Sustainable Health Research".

The Med Campus inhabits also one of largest Biobanks in the world, independent since 2007 due to its expansion with ~20 mio. tissue samples and histological slides. The Biobank Graz makes these samples and related data accessible for scientific research purposes. The common goal is to develop approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Role within AIDAVA

In WP1 of the project AIDAVA, MUG’s focus has been on the definition and development of business requirements. As the lead of WP5 Novel tools, we focus on developing novel and interpretable models and tools to extract structured health data and to maximize usability and acceptance within the tools. Additionally, in WP4 we are leading the process of manual annotation of text documents in three languages for the development of the virtual assistant prototype.

Main contacts

Photo of Heimo Müller
Heimo Müller

Team Leader MUG, WP5 Lead

Photo of Markus Kreuzthaler
Markus Kreuzthaler

Deputy Team Leader

Photo of Markus Plass
Markus Plass

Deputy Team Leader

Photo of Michaela Kargl
Michaela Kargl

Team Member

Photo of Carmen Zerner
Carmen Zerner

Team Member

Photo of Monika Kindslehner
Monika Kindslehner

Team Member