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Automate Curation and Publishing of
Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence

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AI-powered Data Curation & Publishing Virtual Assistant

All available personal health data of an individual in one consistent semantic model: through its sophisticated research project, the interdisciplinary AIDAVA consortium of 12 European partners and two associated partners will develop a digital solution, orchestrating diverse artificial intelligence technologies, for more efficient curation and publishing of personal health data, delivering interoperable and reusable personal health records for the benefit of patients and clinical researchers.

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01 Sep 2022 start date
4 Years duration
8.6 Mio € Budget
14 partners from 9 countries

Human-AI interaction and Explainability

AIDAVA aims to democratise the curation and extraction of medical data, supported by the virtual assistant’s clear explanations to users about the task at hand. For this, automation will not be possible in all cases, so humans will need to be brought into the loop: to assist machine decisions and to provide thrustworthiness. AIDAVA will provide explanations of the AI solution to its users, adapted to their knowledge levels and skill sets.

Visualisation example of a potential bot interface