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Internal AIDAVA workshop in Tallinn from 06-08 December 2022

From 06-08 December 2022, the AIDAVA partners involved in clinical activities met for an intense in person workshop organised by partner North-Estonia Medical Centre (NEMC) in Tallinn, Estonia. Apart from ensuring the alignment of the clinical teams, the workshop focussed on in depth discussions of the use cases and ethical aspects of the project with specific focus on the data flows from data sources to curation and publishing, and the implications in terms of data privacy and need for data sharing agreement. Particular attention was paid to the overview of the individual sites as well as progress in tasks led by The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (IHD) and NEMC, focusing on clinical aspects. The partners greatly appreciated the workshop format which fostered discussions and brainstorming on open questions to define on how to move forward. The partners were pleased to welcome two guest presenters from TalTech University: Prof. Peeter Ross, who gave an Introduction to the Estonian eHealth system and E-health masterĀ“s program in TalTech, focussing on what is the potential for patient to access their data and to transfer them to a data recipient, and Kadi Lubi, the Chair of the Research Ethics Committee of the National Institute for Health Development, who presented the work of the ethics committee in Estonia and showcased the most important aspects to pay attention to when preparing an ethics application. All partners agreed that this lively workshop was extremely helpful to align and plan the next steps ahead and that meeting in person considerably facilitated the discussions.