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Automate Curation and Publishing of
Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence based data curation: enabling a patient-centric European Health Data Space

The position of AIDAVA for implementation of EHDS: concrete recommendations based on preliminary results

The emerging European Health Data Space (EHDS) Regulation opens new prospects for large-scale sharing and re-use of health data. Yet, the proposed regulation suffers from two important limitations: it is designed to benefit the whole population with limited consideration for individuals, and the generation of secondary datasets from heterogeneous, unlinked patient data will remain burdensome.

AIDAVA proposes to address both shortcomings by providing patients with an AI-based virtual assistant that maximises automation in the integration and transformation of their health data into an interoperable, longitudinal health record. This personal record can then be used to inform patient-related decisions at the point of care, whether this is the usual point of care or a possible cross-border point of care. The personal record can also be used to generate population datasets for research and policymaking. The proposed solution will enable a much-needed paradigm shift in health data management, implementing a ‘curate once at patient level, use many times’ approach, primarily for the benefit of patients and their care providers, but also for more efficient generation of high-quality secondary datasets.

After 15 months, AIDAVA shows promising preliminary results in achieving automation in the integration and transformation of heterogeneous data of each individual patient, once the content of the data sources managed by the data holders has been formally described. Additionally, the conceptualization phase of the project identified a set of recommendations for the development of a patient-centric EHDS, significantly facilitating the generation of data for secondary use.

Read more on the provisional agreement that the Council of the EU and the European Parliament have reached a on a new law making it easier to exchange and access health data at EU level.

Stay tuned for a new paper by AIDAVA researchers that has just been accepted by Frontiers and will be published soon.