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AIDAVA - General Assembly meeting in Graz

Celebrating a year of concerted collaborative efforts, the project's consortium recently held a strategic meeting in Graz, facilitated by the Medical University of Graz, Austria.

This assembly brought together 30 experts from 13 partner institutions, providing a dynamic forum for the exchange of knowledge and a comprehensive review of the strides made by AIDAVA.

The technical oversight was led by Project co-coordinators, Prof. Remzi Celebi and Dr. Isabelle de Zegher, who presented an in-depth update on the project’s progress. The coordinators proudly announced the submission of 15 out of the planned 54 deliverables and the achievement of two of the eleven milestones. Additionally, the project has reached a significant academic milestone with the submission—or preparation—of over four scientific publications.

Structured to maximize engagement and productivity, the first day of the meeting was devoted to both technical and business-oriented breakout sessions. These interactive discussions delved into critical subjects, including an overview of the planned study protocol in one session and the development of a reference ontology in the other, all aimed at sparking insightful conversations and collaborations.

The subsequent day focused on the detailed progress made across project work packages. The final day was dedicated to an exploitation workshop. The last day of the meeting provided extra time to tackle unresolved issues and strategically plan the next steps crucial for achieving the project's objectives.

Patient engagement has been a standout feature of the AIDAVA initiative. With eight patient consultants from partner patient organizations actively participating in five online and one in-person workshop in Brussels, AIDAVA has prioritized user requirements. This involvement is key to the evaluation and testing phase of the AIDAVA prototype, ensuring the end product resonates with user needs.

With unwavering commitment, the consortium persists in its pursuit of creating interoperable and reusable health records. The recent Graz meeting has successfully established a solid groundwork for the subsequent stages of the AIDAVA project, underscoring a deep-seated commitment to patient-centric development.