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Automate Curation and Publishing of
Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence

Egnosis by Gnome Design Srl

Egnosis is the IT brand powered by the Gnome Design Ltd. that delivers unique industrial software solutions by a close-knit team, contributing as a reliable partner in EU funded Horizon Research Programs in the domain of bioinformatics and healthcare.

As a bridge between science and industry, Egnosis strengthens the research projects with its more than 14 years of market-validated software development excellence, and its aim is to be a role model for high-tech SMEs, by encouraging the business transformation from IT outsourcing services to the field of research and product development.

Role within AIDAVA

In AIDAVA, Egnosis is deputy WP lead in WP3 focusing on the architecture, design and development of the AI-powered virtual assistant and the integration of the novel data curation tools. Moreover, Egnosis will support the deployment and validation of the assistant at the target healthcare institutions and environments.

Main contacts

Photo of Béla Bihari
Béla Bihari

Team Leader GND, WP3 Lead

Photo of Dániel Dallos
Dániel Dallos

Deputy Team Leader