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Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence

European Heart Network AISBL

The European Heart Network (EHN) is a Brussels-based alliance of foundations and associations dedicated to preventing cardiovascular diseases (CVD), supporting patients, representing patient interests and funding research throughout Europe. The EHN plays a leading role in the prevention and reduction of CVD, in particular heart disease and stroke, through advocacy, networking, capacity-building, representing patient interests, and research so that they are no longer a major cause of premature death and disability throughout Europe.

Role within AIDAVA

In AIDAVA, EHN is the patient representative organization for cardiovascular disease. EHN’s primarily role is to ensure that the needs and interest of patients are at the centre of AIDAVA’s development. In the spirit of co-creation, EHN will facilitate patient engagement throughout the project covering activities in WP1, WP4 and WP6 from defining the use cases to the exploitation and sustainability of the project results.

Main contacts

Photo of Isabelle Cinà
Isabelle Cinà

Team Leader EHN

Photo of Birgit Beger
Birgit Beger

Deputy Team Leader