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Automate Curation and Publishing of
Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence

European Cancer Patient Coalition

ECPC is the Largest European cancer patients' umbrella organisation: +450 member organizations across all EU countries and beyond. ECPC speaks with one voice for all cancer patients, for those affected by high incidence cancers and those with the rarest ones. It has been recognised by the European Institutions as a reliable representative of the cancer patients’ community. We are representing patients in key EU initiatives on cancer (Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the Cancer Mission).

Role within AIDAVA

  • Task 1.2: User Survey and definition of types of personas
  • Task 1.3: Specify business requirements for different types of users with End User Working Group
  • Task 1.4: Details testing scenario to assess performance/acceptance of prototypes
  • Task 1.5: Install prototype in testing environment and execute testings
  • Task 3.2: Detail functional requirements (EPICS, User stories)
  • Task 4.1: Data protection and ethics (see as well complement to ethics self-assessment attached to the proposal) develop and update Data Management Plan
  • Task 5.3: Novel approach for explainability and human-AI interaction to maximise acceptance by citizens
  • Task 6.1: Project Communication
  • Task 6.2 Networking and collaboration at 3 levels (patients, scientific community, business community)
  • Task 6.3: Dissemination
  • Task 6.4: Exploitation and sustainability, IPR Management, capacity building

Main contacts

Photo of Juan Jose Ventura
Juan Jose Ventura

Team Leader ECPC

Photo of Paraskevi Palaiologou
Paraskevi Palaiologou

Deputy Team Leader