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Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence Ltd

WDX (World Data Exchange) is a global business headquartered in Sydney Australia with offices registered in the US, EU and UK. WDX‘s mission is to help every citizen make better use of their personal data, enabling a world where citizens control and benefit from their data with privacy and security by design. WDX are world leaders in privacy, security and interopeability and, their flagship personal data solution, is a trusted platform which enables citizens to gather data from across their lives, taking greater ownership and share it with 3rd party applications. The expert multi-disciplinary team comprises individuals from various backgrounds, including scientific, engineering, medical and Health IT, all highly experienced and knowledgeable in their respective domains.

Role within AIDAVA has a key role in work package 1 supporting the individual / citizen use case. The personal data platform will be made available to facilitate patients gathering up their data and sharing it with the AIDAVA personal assistant. A key aspect of this work will be designing and implementing the necessary data sets to support the cancer and cardiovascular pathways in preparation for integration in to the generation 1 and 2 prototype.